Flip City [Beta] is live!

Flip City Mayor's Office
2 min readNov 3, 2022

Greetings Flip City Residents — your humble Mayor here. I’m proud to announce that after what seems like an eternity, the beta version of Flip City is now live and ready to be played.

The first round technically started yesterday, so everybody who signs in and selects their character will technically start with max resources available at this stage of the game. The round will last until the end of the month, at which point the game will reset and a new round will begin.

A couple of key points:

1) Prizes, $FLIP burn for extra turns, some gaming mechanics, and all of Gino’s Establishments (except for Gino’s Finance) are currently offline while we further test out the smart contracts

2) Please create a discord ticket for any bugs you find during these Beta rounds so we can patch things up before we launch prizes and the heavy duty stuff

3) Partner projects will be onboarded with the official v1 release late this year/early next year

4) Our main website (flipcity.io) has updated to reflect the gaming-centric path forward of the project and all relevant links to our ecosystem can be found there

This marks the conclusion of our initial road map and moving forward we’ll be operating in a more streamlined development cycle and announce all major tech releases via Medium.

And lastly, thank you to all of the community members that supported us, waited patiently, and kept us motivated to keep going. Unlike other projects, none of you gave us any pressure and were always understanding whenever we hit roadblocks and delays. This helped us bootstrap this project and pour our hearts into it in order to realize the vision exactly how we had planned, without compromise. It’s because of all of your support that we were able to keep up progress, so on behalf of the whole team we sincerely thank you.

Now let’s slang some fish!



Flip City Mayor's Office

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